8 April 2018

Service Records

47th Battalion and 131st Battalion, CEF

For the members of the 47th Battalion and the 131st Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and to view their individual records please visit;
First World War – personnel records

War Diary 47th Bn – 01 August 1916 to 31 May 1918
War Diary 47th Bn – 01 June 1918 to 31 May 1919

War Diary – Westminster Regiment (1939 – 45)

The War Diary (but only from April 1944 to June 1945) can be viewed on the Library and Archives Canada website via this link; War Diary – Westminster Regt (April 1944 to June 1945)
One advantage of viewing the PDFs for each month is that the Part I orders are included. This provides details of internal postings within the Battalion.
Here are links to scanned versions of the original War Diary (less attachments) but which also includes an errata, list of maps, legend and other notes.
War Diary – Italy – Nov 1943 – Feb 1945
War Diary – NW Europe 01Mar45 to 31May45 – v06Feb24
War Diary – NW Europe – June to November 1945

Casuality Record – Westminster Regiment (1939 – 45)

The casuality record came be viewed via the LAC link to the War Diary as an attachment to May 1945. However that record had numeric codes for the type of casualty and the date of the casualty. Here is a searchable record with showing the original version but also has an addition which identified the type of casualty and the specific date.

Unit Casualty Nominal Roll – Westmr Regt

War Dead – Westminster Regiment (1939 – 45)

For members of the Westminster Regiment who died or were killed in action, to view their individual service record please visit;

For details of other members of the Westminster Regiment please contact the Museum staff, at museum@royal-westies-assn.ca