30 March 2016



General Membership in the Society is open to anyone who;
is serving with or has, at any time, served with or has been attached to The Royal Westminster Regiment or its predecessor regardless of duration. This includes service with The Royal Westminster Regiment Band and Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers of the Army Cadet Corps affiliated to The Royal Westminster Regiment. Only these general members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors.

Associate Membership in the Society is open to anyone who;
has served as a Cadet with one of the affiliated Army Cadet Corps, other Canadian and Commonwealth Armed Forces or someone who is a direct descendant of a member of the 47th Battalion, 131st Battalion, Westminster Regiment, or retired member of The Royal Westminster Regiment, or The Royal Westminster Regiment Band.

Annual Membership fee: $20.00
Life Membership Fee: $200.00

RWRA Membership Application 

Dues – Serving members
Serving members of the Battalion are members of the Association and your annual dues are paid by your Mess.

Membership on Retirement from Active Service
For serving members of the Battalion, when you retire from active service, please continue your membership with the Association. The easiest way to do this is to complete the application form as part of your “out clearance”. This assists the Association in keeping in touch with you.

Please send the completed application form to the Secretary at secretary@royal-westies-assn.ca
or via the mail to;

The Royal Westminster Regiment Association
530 Queens Avenue
New Westminster, BC
V3K 1K3